Bridger Eyecare Located in Bozeman Montana

Everyone has the right to enjoy the beauty of Montana. From summer fields, to crisp, icy winterscapes, every season is a feast for the eyes and your soul. No wonder we take your vision so seriously.

Bozeman Optometrist Dr. Carl J. Roth and his staff make sure that every advancement in eye care is made available to our patients. From comprehensive eye examinations to in-depth discussions about your treatment options, Dr. Roth works with you to achieve the vision correction and long-term eye health you deserve.

Our patients in the Bozeman area enjoy the following services:

Vision Correction

Our patients receive regular eye examinations to determine their specific needs. Dr. Roth has extensive experience with specialty contact lenses and can find the appropriate fit for you. We also have a full-service optical with the latest advances in lenses and frames, for both superior vision and style.

Eye Health

We manage your eye health needs, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and laser eye surgery. We help you develop a long-term strategy for your vision and eye care.

Emergency Eye Care

Few events are as frightening as an eye injury. We can help. We have an after-hour emergency number for such occasions. We regularly treat eye injuries, infections, inflammation, and foreign body removal.

For all of your eye-care needs, Bridger Eyecare and Dr. Carl J. Roth are here in Bozeman to offer you your best vision and ocular health. New patients are always welcome.

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